What do most companies do when sales income falls? Blame the sales people.

After all, if the sales people are responsible for selling, if income drops then the sales people must be at fault.

Well, yes and no. There is something far more important than the skills and behaviour of your sales people, and that is your sales culture.

A research project that investigates the unpredictable nature of today’s talent management programs, and provides recommendations for increasing program effectiveness and return on investment.

I have worked with many organisations, local and global, to define, refine and even change their cultures. The process is much simpler than you might think, although you need clarity and commitment to the process. Here's a flavour of how that works.

A number of HR Directors have all asked me the same question; "How can we be so bad at predicting potential?"

Coaching is a process of shared exploration, where the coach and the client work together to identify future goals and remove the obstacles that had prevented the client from achieving those goals.

Here's a recording of a webinar in which I explain how asking questions when a client is stuck can be counterproductive.

You can watch the video here, and I've also attached a transcript of the main points.

More and more organisations are using coaching as a L&D intervention, or even as a surrogate for good management practice. Some evidence says that coaching is highly effective in the organisational context, but is notably lacking in any hard evidence of organisational outcomes.

What, then, are the factors that influence the success of organisational coaching?

Workplace learning is the most straightforward and cost effective way to share knowledge, develop your people and sustain your organisational culture. A few simple practices can transform any routine activity into a learning program.

Groups of business people sharing their experiences and stories as they create their new normal

Today is Thursday 9th July 2020, 107 days since the UK lockdown began, and 235 days since the first reported case of COVID-19.

You're probably wondering when 'life' will get back to 'normal'. It won't. Many things have changed forever.

What is it?

A unique program of facilitation that will enable managers to recover from the disruptive transformation of the COVID-19 pandemic, create safe teams, capture stories, create a strong legacy and build a more resilient organisation for the future.

 What does it involve?

  • Facilitated events for operational and executive teams
  • Capturing and curating individual and organisational stories
  • Support for managers in reintegrating teams
  • Culture audits and support to create a more resilient organisation

What's more important for you and your organisation is that you create your own 'new normal', by bringing people gently back into the workplace, allowing them the time and space to share their stories, and enabling the creation of a completely new working culture. Many people in your organisation have lost friends and family. Some people won't be coming back at all. Symptoms of PTSD are becoming more common. Families have been separated. Stress and depression are affecting millions of people.

When your business reopens its doors, you're not bringing back employees, you are taking in survivors. 

Too dramatic? Not at all. The impact of social isolation on mental health is immeasurable. You're not simply reintegrating one person after extended sick leave, you're creating a whole new workforce with the biggest staff induction program you've ever seen. You can try and go back to the way things were, or you can grasp this unique opportunity to reinvent for the better.

The process of rebuilding your business and your teams will take time and care, and it needs to be organised, so that two things happen:

First, you create the physically and psychologically safe working environment that is vital for your business to return to full productivity.

Second, you capture and preserve the adaptation, innovation and learning that has enabled your business to survive.

COVID-19 has not been the first pandemic, and it will not be the last.

If you leave all of this to chance, you will continue to repeat the mistakes of the past.

It's time to create your own history.


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Groups of business people sharing their experiences and stories as they create their new normal